Style Categories and guidelines

The following categories and styles have been agreed upon for the 2019 competition. The only significant change from 2017 is the addition of the style 12.1 NEIPA.

Entrants to the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship must first qualify by placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd at an endorsed State Championship. Brewers are then entitled to enter a beer in that Category in the AABC. See

Beers will be judged against the Style Guidelines in the documents below. For this reason, brewers must specify one of the listed Styles for each entry. Please read the style guidelines before entering to ensure that you provide any additional information; this is especially important for specialty beers.

The organisers reserve the right to reclassify non-conforming entries to a listed Style.

AABC 2019 Full Guidelines with descriptions: Download as PDF

AABC 2019 Condensed categories and styles list: Download as PDF.

These are the only guidelines that will be used for judging. We do not use any guidelines or category numbers from the international Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

Cider and mead categories

Cider and mead entries will be judged by the Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show (ANAWBS). Please see here for details. As with beer categories, place-getters from this competition become eligible to enter the Australian Amateur Brewing Competition.